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Challenge Yourself by Going Big on Purpose

World Changers believes that every one of us is on this earth for a purpose, to create something, design something and to provide solutions to problems. We believe that there is no place more impactful to contribute to the well being of society than our vocations.

If you get up every morning and you go about your day driven and successful but you never really contemplate your contribution to others, you could be missing out on what can be the most fulfilling part of your work. For many people the years pass by we grow our security and we keep thinking I will make my contribution when I have more time. The truth is we will never have more time with each passing day we all have less time. Our contributions made to others are compounding, what seems like a little bit now grows into substantial sums as time passes.
As we move into a new year I would encourage you to ask yourself why you are here. I would like to encourage you to consider the following ideas to grow your impact and find yourself better in every way.

Grow your purpose
I talk with people every day that feel like they are not living their potential. Every job is important and being great at what you do is a contribution to others. Don’t make the mistake of disparaging the job you do, just do your job with excellance. If you have more potential perhaps you will do a different job next month. The bigger question to ask is; are you becoming great at your purpose? If your purpose is growing you are experiencing deep joy and satisfaction regardless of the job you are doing.

Know the value of your purpose
Knowing how your purpose provides value to your co-workers, customers and community is key to sustainability. If a job is not providing income most people who need income will probably change jobs. In the same way your purpose must be sustainable. Ask yourself if your purpose is contributing to the joy of others. Also, can you contribute to the joy brought to others beyond the traditional role of your job.

Practice and Include everyone
When you include everyone in your practice of living purposefully some people will immediately recognize your intentional acts and will experience increased joy because you included them. Other will not recognize this but they will know that they felt something different. When we are intentional and include others in our purposeful acts to help others and make our communities better everyone wins. Practice your purpose in small ways that can be sustained rather than a few big things that you do infrequently.

Many people go through life wondering what their purpose is and not feeling satisfied. Purpose is not wandering its intentional. The practice of doing good is what creates momentum and sustainability. At World Changers we help individual and companies structure purpose to include employees, customers and community. When people structure doing good a unique story always emerges because joy is contagious and beautifully unpredictable.