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Loyalty For Life

Did you know that a whopping 70 percent of home buyers forget their loan officer’s name after one year? Both parties have signed on the dotted line, the transaction closed on time, and everyone is satisfied. You expect that your happy clients will send you referrals. You’ve invested your time, money, and effort into completing the transaction. Yet all of that is not enough to make your relationship memorable.

According to Mortgage Marketing Benchmarks Report 2017, 87.9% of loan officers said that referrals from current clients are one of their most important sources for referrals. But you can’t  expect your past successful transaction to be the basis of a relationship. To grow a loyal client base, you need to build and maintain relationships. Maintaining relationships requires that you share a common interest with clients—both old and new. Follow these three guidelines to build long-lasting client relationships:

  1. End Transactions with a Meaningful Thank You

Many mortgage professionals use the same technique for keeping clients engaged—postcards and magnets that alone add no value to their clients’ lives. Thank your clients with a gift that says you deeply appreciate their business. Give a gift that starts a new conversation and relationship.

  1. Start a Relationship based on Shared Concerns

It’s important in any relationship to share something you both have in common. Most people have issues they care about such as homelessness, veterans’ causes or human trafficking. If you want to keep a client for life, make it your mission to be an advocate for doing good. Share a personal story that will resonate with clients, such as something good happening in the community that you support. Let them know that because they did business with you, more people in need will receive support.

  1. Partner with Clients to Do Good

Since your clients are the reason you are in business, partner with them and their concerns. Allow them to vote on where charitable donations that you make will be directed. Your clients’ business enables your charitable giving, so honor them and be sure to let them know that your partnership makes a difference to people in need. By building a relationship based on mutual concern, you will not only generate talking points to use when calling your clients, but you will also initiate a dialogue in which clients will likely call you to say thank you. They will know your phone number, and they will definitely remember your name.

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