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Giving is the New Marketing Budget. Part 2 of 3 Sexy Vs Trustworthy

By Martin Barrett and Monte Regier – 

When Burger King launched its ad campaign featuring girls in bikinis washing cars and eating hamburgers, they were looking to elicit the release of dopamine. Dopamine is a neurochemical associated with sexual desire, and by pairing sexual feelings with eating hamburgers Burger King obviously hoped to stimulate desire for their Whopper.

Lots of companies use dopamine advertising in both overt and subtle ways, but these types of ads do little to grow the loyalty. They are quickly replaced in consumers’ minds by the next, sexier ad. Engaging customers in ways that build relationship, compassion, trust and loyalty is key to building a brand that stays in the hearts and minds of customers.

Would your company like to be seen by consumers as sexy or trustworthy? Most marketing executives would say “yes, please” to both. However, for companies working to build loyal and trustworthy relationships, sexual content is not the answer. Research has found that the neurochemical oxytocin is the primary brain chemical associated with trustworthiness and compassion. Oxytocin is released in the brain when people practice volunteering, generosity and acts of compassion. At Sozo / World Changers, we believe that oxytocin marketing is just as powerful and more long-lasting than its sometimes flashier counterpart dopamine. Companies that practice generosity encourage customer loyalty and increase customer trust.

Most companies miss the opportunity to continue a meaningful relationship with customers after the business transaction ends. If you’re a car dealer or mortgage loan officer, you are likely soon forgotten by customers who probably will not need your services again for a couple of years. The benefits of staying engaged include continued loyalty for the next purchase and customers referring your company to friends and associates.

At World Changers when we engage our partner brands we ask key questions:

  1. Does your brand put customers at the center of compassion and generosity directed towards the community?
  2. Does your brand partner with customers to do social good in the world or local community?

For the past seven years Sozo / World Changers has been helping leading brands build processes which align customers, employees and company values. Our goal is to see customers flooded with oxytocin as companies are rewarded for their efforts in building loyalty and trust with customers.

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