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Friends United to Shelter the Indigent, Oppressed and Needy


FUSION is an all-volunteer nonprofit organization in Federal Way, Washington, with a mission to provide housing and support services to the homeless in our community so they will have a safe, secure environment as they work toward self-sufficiency. Learn who we are and how we serve.


FUSION Provides
Through housing and case management services, FUSION has helped create new and better lives for the people who come through its doors. Client families enjoy:

    • Support services with professional advocates who provide families with resources including education, employment search assistance, budget and financial guidance, as well as additional help ranging from finding childcare and medical aid to family counseling.
  • Special funding to allow children to take part in extracurricular activities such as athletics, the arts and youth camps.


Giving Hope and a Future to Families in Need
FUSION has given more than 200 families a chance to move from destitute homelessness to a self-sufficient and productive life. More than 85 percent of guest families successfully find permanent housing following their stay in a FUSION home.

FUSION has a consistent and unusually high success rate due largely to contracting case management services for client families. This begins with a selective screening of applicants willing to set goals and work toward self-sufficiency as guests in FUSION housing.