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Community Solutions for Children, Families and Individuals

Community Solutions was founded as a teen drop-in center in 1972. Since that time, we have grown in both depth and breadth of services as a response to the growing and changing needs of our community.

Today we provide a comprehensive spectrum of prevention, intervention, treatment, and residential services to the communities of Santa Clara and San Benito Counties. Our programs provide the services and support to help children, families and individuals overcome the challenges posed by mental health issues, substance abuse, trauma, severe family dysfunction, sexual and domestic violence, and human trafficking.

We believe every person deserves the opportunity to not just survive in the world, but to be the best version of him/herself. Our programs help create the opportunities for people to heal and to move forward more fully engaged in their lives, their families and their community.

We are governed by a voluntary Board of Directors who live in and represent these communities. We receive support from a diverse funding base including local, county, state and federal government; private foundations; and indvidual contributions.