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Sozo is committed to understand the companies we serve. We strive to know the actions that will inspire our business partners to grow communities which practice the value of generosity.

Our clients describe the potential that unlocked for them when they were able to see their company as an extension of a larger community and their community reciprocated with loyalty back to the company.

A movement of generosity toward your extended community is “contagious.” At Sozo we are passionate about creating superb products and proven measurable processes which ignite generosity among employees, customers, business partners and community causes.


Cheers to the wine that feeds hungry people

Martin_MonteFriends Martin Barrett and Monte Regier share a passion for good wine and worthy causes. They combined both to create Sozo, the wine that feeds hungry people.

It all began when Monte returned home after spending a year volunteering with his family on a hospital ship in West Africa. Over glasses of wine, he told Martin about all the hungry families he’d seen and how just a few dollars could feed them for a week.

“You’re telling me that (what I paid for) this glass of wine could feed somebody?” asked Martin, who had once owned a winery in Oregon.

Sozo – Greek for “to save one from perishing” – was born.

The friends-turned-business partners wanted to produce great wine cost effectively, so they partnered with renowned winemaker Cheryl Jones to buy juice from many different wineries.  With no winery of their own and no storefront – Sozo is sold only to restaurants and online at – they are able to donate 10 percent of all sales to some 50 nonprofit organizations.


World Changer Scoreboard