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Generosity Rating: 4.75

The Generosity Rating is an average of how Guild Mortgage customers rate efforts to help meet local and global needs (see ratings below). The World Changer scoreboard shows actual contribution made by Guild Mortgage in partnership with customers.

We are a smaller office in a smaller community. The Wenatchee Guild team is locally raised and very community minded. What we love most about Guild is the commitment to giving back to our community, being involved and helping people reach the dream of home ownership. With the corporate mindset of being active in your communities, and giving, everyone on our team is blessed with paid time off to donate to helping others. We love the Pacific Northwest and have a clear vision of making a difference.

Kelsey F Wenatchee, WA

School Supplies

Our youth are our future.

Published April 9, 2018
Colleen K East Wenatchee, WA


We choose hunger because I’ve seen kids without lunch, it saddens me to think the parents don’t have the funds or possibly don’t care to feed their children, it’s vital to their ability to grow, focus and learn!

Published February 19, 2018
Doris S Wenatchee, WA

Safe Nights

I see there is a real need to support the homelessness. I know the Wenatchee Salvation Army does a good job with serving the homeless but they are always in need of funds.

Published February 5, 2018

Stories That Inspire A Better World

school-supply-driveThe last two years we collected school supplies for two schools, and a new teacher. We realize that teaching children is a gift to children and their parents, and the budget to provide supplies can be costly. It was a pleasure to collect items and provide them to teachers in our area. We stay connected to Serve Wenatchee and do annual food drives, as well as the job of adopting a family at Christmas time . One of the most thoughtful events was an organized request of donations for families of the fires in our area. This collection of water, food, supplies, and gas cards were collected and provided to local families. We knew this would make a difference, no matter the size of the gift.






first-donationHere at Wenatchee we have gathered together to provide supplies for Our House, a local cancer treatment facility. The Mission of Cancer Care of NCW, Inc. is to help alleviate the day to day inconvenience of cancer by providing a Regional Resource Center whereby patients may be assisted in their daily routine by providing help with housing and additional support. It is the commitment and vision of Our House to recognize the enormous toll that cancer takes on individuals in our communities.






World Changers is a proud supporter of food pantry’s across America providing help for communities under the umbrella of Feeding America. A thank you to C&S Wholesale Grocers who sponsored the production costs of this video. Learn more about this partnership at


Guild Mortgage Company NMLS# 3274 | Equal Housing Lender. Guild Mortgage Company makes donations but is not affiliated with any cause or non profit organization.

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