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The Generosity Rating is an average of how customers rate Guild Mortgage’s efforts to help meet global and local needs. The World Changer Scoreboard shows actual contribution made by Guild Mortgage in partnership with their customers.

Guild Mortgage Company is engaged in serving the communities where we live and work, helping to providing housing solutions and to strengthen communities to improve lives, making use of our areas of expertise in real estate financing and consumer financial education.

For more than fifty years, Guild has helped home buyers to live their dream of home ownership. We offer the advantages of large companies, with a depth of knowledge, skill level, and technology that make your experience satisfying and rewarding. We embrace those advantages and always remember to keep our small company soul, and remember our roots.

Anne F Moses Lake, WA

Veteran Support

Because our veterans and their families give so much for our freedom and safety and well as the freedom and safety of so many in other nations. All too often the support they need when they return is not there for the whole family. Having close family return after war and seeing how they had changed after what they had seen and experienced opened my eyes to the fact that they often are not the same person that left leaving their family to struggle emotionally as well. Any support they can get gives the veteran and their families a better chance at better life back at home.

Published April 11, 2017
Jacqueline M Seattle, WA


Education is the key to changing the world for trafficked children.

Published February 8, 2017
Kim M Eugene, Or


It’s a big problem and no one should have to go without food especially children!

Published February 8, 2017


World Changers is a proud supporter of food pantry’s across America providing help for communities under the umbrella of Feeding America. A thank you to C&S Wholesale Grocers who sponsored the production costs of this video. Learn more about this partnership at

Guild Mortgage Company NMLS# 3274 | Equal Housing Lender. Guild Mortgage Company makes donations but is not affiliated with any cause or non profit organization.

World Changer Scoreboard