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When you partner with Dempsey|Phelps, you join a family of generous people. The scoreboard on the right is a fun way to track some of what our clients and friends have contributed in Changing the World. Join us and together we can impact our community and make it a better place to live.

This is an opportunity to be a World Changing customer! Because our clients and referral partners are the source of Dempsey|Phelps’ generosity we want them to be partners in giving the funds away. Choose where you’d like to make impact in the community and together we can make waves and improve our world.



dom_stibwDominic’s grandma, who is now 105 yrs old, brought him to our attention when he was just 14 years old. A total orphan and the youngest of 13 siblings, Dominic’s situation was dire. He entered our program as a freshman in high school, graduating in December of 2013. He was just shy of being awarded a full ride scholarship for university and he took it hard, however he never lost hope that one day he would attend college and fulfill his dream of being in the medical field. 3 years later, armed with lots of determination and drive, he secured 3 sponsors to help pay his tuition fees : Joanne Hill, Erika Malinko and Cheryl Stoltz. However, his living expenses are quite high and he is in constant need of additional support. He currently is receiving some support from his church and older siblings but we need to do more for this young man. If you would like to donate to Dominic’s living expenses, please click the link below and be sure to mention Dominic and we will follow up with your donation by giving you a tax write-off as well as put you in touch with Dominic directly so you know that 100% of  your funds went to him! Donate today and help Dominic reach his goal of becoming a nurse, graduating in 2018!




World Changers is a proud supporter of food pantry’s across America providing help for communities under the umbrella of Feeding America. A thank you to C&S Wholesale Grocers who sponsored the production costs of this video. Learn more about this partnership at

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