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Companies like yours are experiencing the amazing power of loyalty (Oxytocin) when their customers are included in decisions of where to give back.

World Changer clients are unlocking a hidden potential when they began to see their company as an extension of a larger community and their community reciprocates with loyalty back to the company.

A movement of generosity toward your extended community is “contagious.” At World Changers we are passionate about creating proven and measurable processes which ignite generosity among employees, customers, business partners and community causes.

Vern G. Seattle

I chose veteran support because “support our troops” has become a cliché, political talking point with very little tangible action towards actually supporting these men and women. Furthermore, I enlisted into the Army after college, and unless you have experienced the military first-hand, you never truly understand the lifestyle and the sacrifice that is made on behalf of these folks. Lastly, the nature of asymmetrical warfare (newer concept) has increased the challenges when dealing with things like PTSD.

Published May 26, 2017
Jerry R. Irvine CA

When a person has a full stomach they feel better about them selves and the world. They can then move forward with their lives in positive matter and maybe things will get better for them.

Published May 1, 2017
Sandra F. Portland

There are many more children then we know that suffer from less fortunate circumstances. I appreciate opportunities to help in some way. Thank you!


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