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World Changer Scoreboard

This is our chance to brag up our World Changing customers. Their loyalty is the engine generating funds to meet important community needs. Because our customers and referral partners are the source of generosity we want them to be partners in giving the funds away.

When you chose to live at Bridgewater you join a family of generous people. The scoreboard on the right is a fun way to track some of what the family of customers, employees and friends have contributed in Changing the World. Lets join together we can impact our community and make it a better place to live.


Support for veterans is achieved through donations to the Wounded Warriors Project

Support for trafficking girls is achieved through donations to Not Abandoned

Support for abused and neglected kids comes through donations to CASA

A safe night for kids off the street is provided through donations to Olive Crest

Patricia C


In the land of excess we still have people and children going hungry. Food is the most basic need we all have.

Published September 14, 2017
James D


I believe recovery for those in trafficking is the answer to poverty and social issues.

Published September 14, 2017
Nicole A

Veteran Support

We have family who have been deployed to Iraq and understand the sacrifices they make to protect us. It is a hardship that only those who have been at war can understand. We want to show our support for them and all they have done for us.

Published September 14, 2017


World Changers is a proud supporter of food pantry’s across America providing help for communities under the umbrella of Feeding America. A thank you to C&S Wholesale Grocers who sponsored the production costs of this video. Learn more about this partnership at

World Changer Scoreboard