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This is our chance to brag up our World Changing customers. Their loyalty to APM is the engine generating funds to meet important community needs. Because our customers and referral partners are the source of APM generosity we want them to be partners in giving the funds away to make our communities better places.

There is no downside to living generously. When we live generously and model it to family, customers and business partners everyone wins!





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The APMCares Foundation is a proud supporter of Loaves & Fishes dining room serves a full course, home-cooked, noontime meal for 600-800 homeless guests every day.  The heart and soul of the Loaves and Fishes program, Friendship Park, is a private park that provides activities, information and a safe environment for guests during the day.  Noon meal, hair cut vouchers, toiletries, and locker storage is part of their services. With the help of donations from the community, Loaves and Fishes has built a Wash House which provides laundry service for homeless guests as well as a place for men to shower and shave (with toiletries included).  Within the confines of the Park is a Library Reading where guests can appreciate a full service library with books, daily newspapers, and periodicals. The library allows quiet time and space for studying and writing.


American Pacific Mortgage Company NMLS #1850. Bellevue branch NMLS ID #944387. Licensed in AZ, CA, ID, OR and WA. American Pacific Mortgage makes donations but is not affiliated with any cause.

World Changer Scoreboard