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10|10 Strategies works with families, businesses and organizations to increase the impact they want to make on their community and the world, and help them get joy along the way.

Heather got a chance to live out the joy of generosity by giving everyone at the 425 Magazine Women to Watch event $20 to give away. This site highlights the stories of those who gave and experienced joy in doing so!

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Jodi D

I still have my $20, so I wanted to let you know why. Every time I see someone I consider giving it to, I keep it, and dig in my wallet. I have no idea how much I’ve given away since March, when you first presented us with these cards, money and concept, but it’s way more than $20. Sometimes I give $3 or $5 or more; it depends on what kind of cash I have. I have only given coins once, because that was all I had.

I don’t judge. I give to old men on the freeway ramp, gacked out women on Aurora, ladies with kids and pitiful signs. Sometimes I pay for the person in front or behind me in line at the supermarket, regardless of what they look like. I’ve gone through my closets and taken things to shelters and encampments. I have a lot of stuff I don’t need.

I may never give that $20 away but then, maybe I will. Then I’ll replace it with another $20. It’s attached to your card with a paperclip so it’s not part of my money.

I don’t have a lot of money myself but I truly believe that the amount of love you give is the amount of love you will receive and both money and love can often come from unexpected sources.

Thanks for the opportunity to think this way. Thanks for the wonderful speech you gave that inspired me several months ago.

Published November 2, 2017
Stephanie C

I wanted to share that we finally spent our $20s 🙂 Three of us have held onto our bills since the Women to Watch event and this felt like a great use for them.

My cousin runs Seattle Homeless Outreach (formerly Heroes for the Homeless) and we hosted a volunteer party at our office today to assemble feminine hygiene kits.

Everyone rolled up their sleeves and got to work, and it felt great to do something as a team for a good cause.

Thanks for inspiring us!

Published November 1, 2017
Jennifer B

I gave my $20 as part of a $100 donation to my girlfriends who are having triplets! They live in the San Francisco Bay area in a tiny apartment with their 2.5 year old daughter. My friend’s aunt started a go fund me page for them to buy a mini-van.

$20 to Give Away


Here is how “Natalie” gave her $20:

Good morning Heather,

My name is Natalie. My husband and I went to the Women To Watch and want to share how we gave it away.

I saw Julianna in down town Bellevue holding a sign. She was hoping for a little help to make rent because her hours were cut and she won’t be able to make it up in time. I stood and chatted with her for a while and then I remembered that the company I work for is hiring. I grabbed her number and I will talk with my boss tomorrow. Hopefully it will lead to her getting a great full-time job, but either way both of our days are brightened.

Thank you so much for the challenge and opportunity. It was so much fun! You inspired me and I have decided to keep a $20 in my wallet for similar chances in the future.

My heart is truly filled with joy!

With love and appreciation ~ Natalie

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